Less is more: The Slim Collection by Hu-Friedy

Rotterdam, 11 September 2012 – Hu-Friedy launches six new orthodontic instruments to the market with its Slim Collection. The instruments are considerably slimmer, thinner and lighter than conventional tools. These slender instruments allow orthodontists to work a lot more efficiently and accurately than before, because they enormously improve intraoral adaptation, flexibility and view. For dentist and patient, this translates into measurable time savings and much more comfortable treatment. Hu-Friedy’s Slim Collection will be presented at the Annual Conference of the German Orthodontic Society that will take place in Stuttgart from 26 to 29 September.

Hu-Friedy’s Slim Collection includes pliers, tweezers and cutters. In the Slim Flush Cut & Hold Distal End Cutter, the instrument head was reduced by a revolutionary 50 percent for optimizing the view and significantly improve efficiency. In the future, a cotton roll or gauze used for collecting cut parts will no longer be needed.

The Slim Micro Cutter convinces owing to its narrow tips and smaller scale. This design facilitates intraoral access during the removal of elastic parts and improves the view of the work area.

A strong innovation is the Slim Hammerhead NiTi Pliers. Until now, adapting a NiTi wire was a complex process. With these pliers, the formerly multi-step process is reduced to one single work step. The easy bending of the wire is enough, as heating up is no longer needed. The narrow working end of the minimally invasive pliers ensures the best possible comfort for the patient.

The Distal Cinch Back Hand Instrument was developed for work with stainless steel wire and serves for guiding the wire through the buccal tubes. The slender working ends significantly improve access and view.

The Slim Band Removing Pliers model is 21 percent slimmer than the standard used so far and therefore clearly reduces patient discomfort. The thin ends allow access to the work area without injuring the patient’s gums.

The Ultra Slim Weingart Pliers are used in confined, formerly inaccessible spaces. The serrated tips allow better grasping and the pliers facilitate the guiding of the wire through the buccal tubes and clasp.  Tests have revealed that the new instrument was able to reduce work time by 20 percent compared with Hu-Friedy’s classic Weingart pliers.

Various tweezers are also part of Hu-Friedy’s new product line. The Slim Direct Bond Bracket Tweezers boast 50 percent thinner ends than the standard used to date. The new design provides a better view of the braces during attachment. Both sides of the instrument can be used and the varying thickness of the ends makes it easier to position the clasp.

The product line also includes the Slim Buccal Tube Bonder Tweezers. The ultra flat ends of these tweezers are ideally suited for efficiently placing the buccal tubes because they can be grasped with the instrument from both sides during the attachment process.

Hu-Friedy’s orthodontic instruments have been conceived so their form and function can withstand the strains of steam sterilization. Depending on product series, Hu-Friedy guarantees its instruments for seven to ten years. All Hu-Friedy cutters can be sharpened once free of charge within the first twelve months after purchase.

The Slim Collection by Hu-Friedy

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