Luxating Hybrid

New luxation instruments facilitate atraumatic extractions

Hand-crafted out of Immunity Steel, these new instruments deliver optimum sharpness and durability. You can now choose from a complete range of Hu-Friedy luxation instruments with blade sizes ranging from two to five millimetres. These instruments enable you to work more effectively ľ and significantly reduce the stress and discomfort experienced by the patient.

The goal of an atraumatic extraction is to conserve as much tissue as possible, minimize damage to the soft tissues and stabilize the alveolar process. Before the tooth is mobilized it is important to separate the Sharpeyĺs fibres in the sulcus in order to reduce the stress imposed on the surrounding gums and bone tissue. To minimize the risk of fracture the tooth should be luxated only after the alveole has been widened using carefully applied movements.

The Luxating Hybrid instruments are crafted from the specially developed Immunity Steel. This material is extremely tough and durable. The instruments are easy to re-sharpen. Due to their exceptional longevity they offer you genuine value-added benefits.

For clinicians who are interested in the entire Luxating Hybrid line, Hu-Friedy has created a kit with all seven instruments for atraumatic extractions. It also includes a sharpening stone to keep these instruments performing like new.