IMS Infinity cassettes

Always prepared so you can practice more

The IMS Infinity cassettes from Hu-Friedy feature a uniquely, sophisticated and ergonomical design with a revolutionary new hole pattern - for  optimal use in thermodesinfector.

The IMS Infinity cassettes from Hu-Friedy features a more open, modern hole pattern and improved rail design that allows for 1/3 more open area and 59% less instrument contact for optimal cleaning, rinsing, and drainage and reduced potential for rinse shadows.

A more ergonomic, user-intuitive latch gives visual indication that the cassette is locked or unlocked. The cassettes have been designed to be compatible with all cleaning equipment, including TDI.

The cassette line is available in multiple configurations in 1/4 DIN, 1/2 DIN, and full DIN as well as a 12 instrument Container Cassette. The cassette line is available in 11 rail colors, including three new colors: Purple, Ocean Blue, and Black.

IMS Infinity cassettes - POINTS OF PERFORMANCE:

  • New user-intuitive latch design:
    safe and easy to use for one-handed opening and for a visual control if cassette is locked or unlocked

  • Optimized hole pattern design:
    with approximately 30% more open area guarantees optimal cleaning, rinsing and drainage. Designed for the usage in thermodesinfector

  • Innovative Silicon rails:
    less instrument contact (59%) allows for optimal cleaning, rinsing and drainage in hard to reach areas of the instrument that are on the rail.

  • High-quality, electropolished stainless steel
    provides a protective sheet against corrosion and a professional appearance

  • New beveled edges
    allow for easier pick up of cassette

  • Smooth round corners
    increase drainage and reduce drying time

  • Cassette is 30% lighter
    which makes it easier to handle when it is full of instruments and helps prevent overloading of equipment

  • Functional accessory area:
    holds additional items such as syringe, parts boxes, etc during reprocessing. Available in select models.

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