Experience Superior Piezoelectric Scaling

  • State of the Art Circuitry
    State of the art circuitry allows for efficient scaling performance and time savings. Allows clinicians to work smarter, not harder.

  • Touch Pad Controls
    User-friendly touch pad controls ensure accurate setting adjustment. Three color-coded predefined power modes for a variety of dental procedures

  • Memory Feature
    Convenient memory feature allows for more efficient set-up time between patients, freeing up more time for patient care.

  • Modular Plug and Play Design
    Modular plug and play design provides convenient serviceability of unit and eliminates the cost and inconvenience associated with sending the unit out for repairs.

  • Self-Contained Irrigation
    Stand alone, large capacity (350ml and 500 ml), irrigation supply allows for increased portability and use of medicaments. Switch to city water with the touch of a button.

Superior ergonomics - the Symmetry IQ Handpiece

  • Large Diameter
    The large diameter ergonomic handpiece relaxes hand grasp for accuracy and control and eliminates pressure points.
  • Lightweight
    The lightweight handle reduces muscle strain and hand fatigue, enhancing clinician comfort.

  • Fiber-Optic Lighting
    Fiber-optic illumination reduces eye strain and enhances visibility.

Usage Instructions:

- Symmetry IQ4000 User Manual
- Symmetry IQ4000 User Manual Handpiece
- Symmetry IQ Power Range Guide
- Symmetry Tip Wear Guide