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Rotterdam, August 2013 ľ Leading dental equipment manufacturer Hu-Friedy unveils new surgical instruments: the Black Line range is ideally suited to periodontology and implantology applications. Matt-finish handles and black working ends significantly reduce reflection at the surgery site. This is particularly beneficial when using a magnifying glass or microscope.

With Black Line, Hu-Friedy is bringing a pioneering innovation to market. The matt finish on the instruments reduces the glare from powerful lighting in the oral cavity. The black working ends provide an intense contrast with gingival tissue and are therefore highly visible at all times. The improved visibility makes for easier inspection and more precise interventions.

The hand-crafted instruments are made from corrosion-resistant Immunity Steel. They maintain their efficiency, even during lengthy surgical interventions. A special surface coating keeps the working ends hard and smooth, while the cutting edges retain their sharpness far longer than conventional instruments. To help prevent tiredness, the ergonomic handles have a large diameter and are really light. This reduces tension when handling and enhances comfort.

New and effective: Black Line from Hu-Friedy

About the company:

Hu-Friedy has been a leading global manufacturer of instruments and equipment for the dental industry for 105 years. The company's high-quality precision hand instruments and its scaling and hygiene products are marketed worldwide.


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