The Clear Collection from Hu-Friedy

Rotterdam, 12 February 2014 ľ Transparent splints for correcting malpositions are well established in the field of orthodontics. More and more patients are opting for this unobtrusive alternative to the traditional brace. Leading dental equipment manufacturer Hu-Friedy is now bringing suitable instruments for adjusting these aligners to market. Clear Collection makes it easier to customise and optimise transparent splints.

u-Friedy developed the innovative range in collaboration with leading specialist Dr S. Jay Bowman. The result is a new generation of orthodontic instruments capable of pinpoint modifications without applying any heat. Each instrument in the collection has another function:

The horizontal forceps create horizontal indentations. Fashioned at the gingival margin on the buccal or lingual side of a tooth, these increase individual root torque. Retention of splints can also be enhanced by creating a notch in the undercut of a tooth or directly below an attachment.
The vertical forceps produce vertical indentations in the mesial or distal area, which improve rotational control. They can also be used to eliminate in-out discrepancies.
The Tear Drop forceps help increase extrusive forces on certain teeth. This is achieved by punching gaps at the gingival margin of the aligner. Elastic bands can then be attached, making manipulation easier for the patient too.
The Hole Punch forceps produce half-moon cut-outs at places where buttons or brackets have been stuck on to be used for elastic bands or other mechanical elements. They can also be used to remove excess plastic, thereby reducing pressure from the splints and providing relief for soft tissue.
Thanks to Clear Collection, orthodontists now have a range of modern instruments for quick and easy modification of transparent splints.

The Clear Collection from Hu-Friedy

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