Hu-Friedy: bringing a touch of glamour to dentistry

Rotterdam, 11 December 2014 ľ Leading dental equipment manufacturer Hu-Friedy is bringing an exclusive innovation to market: new diamond cards for resharpening instruments have been added to the range. The extremely hard surface was achieved by coating one side of a high-quality piece of stainless steel (about the size of a credit card) with small industrial diamonds. Even after intensive use, the product remains resistant to grooves and notches and does not fracture or split.

The elegant cards do everything expected of them, from regular maintenance to complete reconditioning of instruments. Designed to be light and flat, they fit neatly into the hand and quickly achieve the desired results with little effort. Medium, fine and extra-fine versions are available. The medium version quickly restores worn working ends to their original shape, the fine card is suitable for regular sharpening of blunt edges and the extra-fine type is used for final sharpening of blades.

This kind of sharpening is comparable to that traditionally achieved with grindstones. The process requires no oil, however, as cards can either be used dry or moistened with water. Dispensing with lubricants reduces costs and makes preparation, use and cleaning less laborious. The cards can simply be cleaned using ultrasound or with a soft brush under running water before undergoing steam sterilisation with the instruments. Click the link for a video showing the diamond sharpening cards in action:

Sparkling functionality: diamond sharpening cards from Hu-Friedy

About Hu-Friedy
Leading dental equipment manufacturer Hu-Friedy develops and produces hand instruments, scalers and hygiene products. The range contains over 10,000 products sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. These high-quality items have a reputation for performance, precision and durability. This global business, based in Chicago, was founded 105 years ago. Other sites are located in Rotterdam, Milan, Shanghai, Tokyo and Tuttlingen in Germany.

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