EverEdge Technology Scalers & Curettes

EverEdge Technology is unlike anything you’ve experienced before in a scaler.
We’ve applied state-of-the-art technology in metallurgy, heat treatment and cryogenics to create a superior stainless steel alloy for scalers and curettes that stay sharper longer than any instrument you’ve used. That means less frequent sharpening, less hand fatigue, and greater comfort throughout the day.

The improved sharpness of EverEdge instruments does not come from a superficial coating – the long-lasting wear is present throughout the entire instrument tip.

  • Stays Sharper Longer
    Revolutionary new stainless steel alloy is super-durable to stay sharper longer. That means less time sharpening and less hand fatigue.

  • Proprietary Process
    Proprietary heat treatment and cryogenic processing ensure that the superior edge retention and wear characteristics of EverEdge Technology will last the entire life of the instrument. It’s not a superficial coating – EverEdge scalers can be sharpened again and again for your best instrument value.

  • Diamond Knurl
    Unique diamond knurl pattern with large diameter handle for a confident grasp. Optimal weight for reduced hand fatigue.

  • Signature Series Grip
    The cushioned grip provides a smooth transition and increased comfort.