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Rotterdam, 28 October 2014 ľ Leading dental equipment manufacturer Hu-Friedy is enhancing its comprehensive range of diagnostic equipment with new, high-resolution mouth mirrors. Thanks to a special coating, these offer significantly greater luminance, sharpness and colour reproduction than conventional products. Their innovative surface also makes them extraordinarily scratch-resistant and therefore highly durable.

With most dental findings being made visually, optical aids have a critical role to play in diagnostics. With a reflection factor of 113 per cent, the new HD mouth mirrors from Hu-Friedy provide exceptional image clarity without any distortion. Thanks to the special coating, they deliver fifty per cent more brightness than other front-surface mouth mirrors and 38 per cent more than rhodium-coated mouth mirrors.

The new HD standard guarantees the clinician a better view and a more detailed insight. This makes it easier to make a precise diagnosis and thereby improves the therapy received by the patient. The unique coating is also remarkably resistant to scratches, which ensures image quality remains consistent.

The mouth mirrors are available in single- and double-sided versions and with diameters between 20 mm and 24 mm. Hu-Friedy offers a wide choice of suitable handles, from a simple stem to the ergonomically balanced shaft with reduced weight, cone socket and European or American thread. All mirrors may also be used with existing Hu-Friedy mirror handles, as well as being compatible with many standard handles.

The new HD mouth mirrors from Hu-Friedy

The new HD mouth mirrors from Hu-Friedy are far superior to rhodium-coated mouth mirrors

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Leading dental equipment manufacturer Hu-Friedy develops and produces hand instruments, scalers and hygiene products. The range contains over 10,000 products sold in more than 80 countries worldwide. These high-quality items have a reputation for performance, precision and durability. This global business, based in Chicago, was founded 105 years ago. Other sites are located in Rotterdam, Milan, Shanghai, Tokyo and Tuttlingen in Germany.

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