Hu-Friedy at the IDS 2013

Rotterdam, 24 January 2013 – At the 35th International Dental Show (IDS) in Cologne (12 – 16 March 2013), Hu-Friedy, leading manufacturer of dental instruments will present numerous product innovations for the fields of periodontology, diagnostic, composite restoration, dental surgery, orthodontics and instrumental management solutions. For Hu-Friedy, it is a matter of course that the comfort of the treating dental professional and the patient as well as higher precision and working efficiency are the focus of all instrument solutions.

At the IDS, Hu-Friedy will present its entire product range, including numerous innovative instrument solutions. The International Dental Show (IDS), which takes place every two years, is the world’s leading trade fair for the dental sector, as the products presented reflect the entire global dental market. Decision-makers from the dental profession, the dental technician trade, the dental retail trade and the dental industry, as well as appliances and technologies attend it for experiencing the latest developments.

Periodontal disease: Efficient prophylaxis, initial diagnosis & curettage

In periodontal disease prohylaxis, the removal of tartar plays an important role and Hu-Friedy offers the treating dental professional the Resin 8 Colours product line with 80 scaler models. Eight different fluorescent colors assign the instruments to their respective field of application in the oral cavity, thus increasing work efficiency. Thanks to Hu-Friedy‘s EverEdge® technology, a revolutionary stainless steel alloy, the working tips do not become dull as fast as with conventional instruments. Even the treating professional’s signs of fatigue are prevented. The ergonomically-shaped plastic handles of the scalers facilitate comfortable working due to high rotational control and secure hold.

If periodontal disease is suspected, Hu-Friedy’s easy to manipulate Colorvue® PerioScreen™ probe can be used for quick initial diagnosis. By means of easily understandable green and red color codings, the differential diagnostic examination can determine pocket depth in advance and therefore the possible presence of periodontal disease. In addition, this coding system is also useful for informing patients.

Hu-Friedy also offers numerous curettage instruments for existing periodontal disease. In collaboration with renowned dentists Dr. Pierpaolo Cortellini and Dr. Antonella Labriola, the BioGent curette series was especially developed for gingival biotype periodontal disease therapy. The finest working tips plus various curvatures and angles allow a working method tailored to the respective biotype while protecting tissue, thereby ensuring higher patient comfort.

Composite restoration: Aesthetics through precision

Optimal aesthetic results through precise composite restoration: Hu-Friedy achieves them with its new CompoSculp product line developed in collaboration with Swiss restorative dentistry specialist Dr. Didier Dietschi. The products include a wide range of spatulas ideally tailored for the purpose. Polished, corrosion-resistant stainless steel tips prevent the adhesion of filling material so the treating professional can place it exactly where it belongs.

Surgery: Precision tools for preserving the buccal bone plate

If the aim is to preserve the buccal bone plate in atraumatic extractions, high-performance precision tools are necessary and Hu-Friedy has developed seven luxation hybrid instruments for this purpose. They combine the features of root elevators and bone stretchers, and thanks to their thin, exactly bent tips, they alow extremely precise work. Apart from them, the new Farabeuf retractor – a universally usable gum retraction instrument – was introduced.

Orthodontics: Time savings and higher comfort for doctor and patient

Hu-Friedy’s SlimCollection, which consists in a full line of sleek new orthodondic instruments that feature smaller, thinner, lighter working ends for more maneuverability. Slim collection consists in eight new instruments, which guarantee the orthodontist a more efficient and precise working method. The pliers, tweezers and cutters of the new product line are considerably narrower, thinner and lighter than conventional products to greatly improve intraoral adaptation, flexibility and view. The result: More maneuverability, more patient confort and time savings for doctor and patient.

Instrument Management: A Total solution to manage all instrumentes processing from cassettes to disinfection.

Apart from the innovations mentioned above, Hu-Friedy has finally completed its Instrument Management System (IMS) by adding disinfectants for surfaces with new powerful formula, non alcohol based and 1 minute contact. The IMS now offers a complete solution for the practical fields of cleaning, sterilization, storage and administration. It makes continuous and systematic practical hygiene possible and also boosts the efficiency of instrument reprocessing and treatment.

Recycling campaign for instruments of all fields

Special offer for the German dental market: Hu-Friedy will start a comprehensive recycling campaign for instruments of all treatment fields – from diagnostics and conservative treatment all the way to surgery. Those who exchange their old instruments when purchasing probes, scalers, curettes or pliers will get new additional instruments free of charge. The returned materials are professionally collected and recycled. Dentists can thus actively contribute to environmental protection and at the same time increase value creation in their offices though the use of high-quality instruments.

Hu-Friedy at the IDS: Hall 10.1, Stand D40/E4

Scalers for removing tartar: Hu-Friedy’s Resin 8 Colours

For more than 100 years, Hu-Friedy has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality instruments and devices for the dental sector. The company’s first-class precision manual instruments, scaling and hygiene products are sold & distributed on a global scale



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