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Rotterdam, October 2013 ľ Leading dental equipment manufacturer Hu-Friedy is bringing sterilisation cassettes to market which guarantee particularly thorough cleaning of instruments: the cassettes in the IMS Signature range have 33 per cent more openings than standard products, making them ideally suited for use in a thermal disinfector. A new design with a revolutionary pattern of holes is what makes the products so permeable. This effect is enhanced by integrated silicone rails, with the 60 per cent reduction in contact points making instrument sterilisation far more effective than before.

The IMS Signature range is made from anodised stainless steel. The robust, low-maintenance material offers protection against corrosion and therefore retains its high-quality finish for a very long time. Various sizes are available, such as DIN, 1/2DIN, 1/4DIN, and there are container cassettes for various applications like orthodontics, bone spreading, surgery, diagnostics or prophylaxis.

The ergonomic fastener for the cassette can be operated with one hand only and facilitates visual inspection (it is immediately apparent whether a cassette is open or closed). Water is able to drain out of the container thanks to the soft, round corners and slotted edges. Instruments are held securely in place throughout the preparation process by stable silicone rails. These are available in eleven different colours, making it easier to identify cassettes.

The Signature range is part of the IMS Instrument Management System from Hu-Friedy. This system ensures efficient organisation of the sterilisation process and supports a self-contained hygiene cycle. IMS can also deliver significant financial benefits for each individual practice: the very secure form of storage protects instruments against fracture damage and it takes ten minutes less on average to clean them during each disinfection cycle. As a result, IMS from Hu-Friedy delivers significant time savings, extends the service life of equipment and favours a consistent, systematic approach to practice organisation.

The new IMS cassette from Hu-Friedy

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Hu-Friedy has been a leading global manufacturer of products for the dental industry for 105 years. The company's high-quality precision hand instruments and its scaling and hygiene products are marketed worldwide.

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