Sidekick Sharpener

Welcome to the Edge of Sharpening Technology

So Simple. So Smart.
The Hu-Friedy Sidekick Sharpener makes routine maintenance sharpening of scalers and curettes fast and easy. This straightforward device guides you and your scaler to sharp, consistent results time after time.   

Reliable Results.
The Hu-Friedy Sidekick sharpener is the only power device with instrument Guide Channels and a Vertical Backstop to help control blade angulation. These "template-like" features allow virtually effortless positioning of your scalers/curettes and provide consistent sharpening results. Correct routine sharpening will help extend the life of your instruments.   

The Sidekick is Always Within Reach.
Itĺs cordless! The small, compact, cordless Sidekick can be placed anywhere and requires minimal counter space ľ perfect for anywhere in your dental office.    
See how easy and fun sharpening can be!
Sharpen at your convenience with the Hu-Friedy Sidekick, The Smart Sharpener.

Sidekick Ordering Information

  • Sidekick Sharpening Kit - SDKKIT
  • Kit Includes: Sidekick Unit, User Manual & CD-ROM, Ceramic Sharpening Stone, Plastic Test Stick, Magnifying Lens and 2 AA Batteries. 

  Replacement Parts & Accessories

  • Guideplate Screw- SDKGPSCREW
  • Guideplate - SDKGPLATE
  • Ceramic Stone- SDKSTONEC
  • Ceramic Coarse Stone - SDKSTCOARS
  • Arkansas Stone - SDKSTONEA
  • Sharpen-EZ Stone Oil - SSO
  • Plastic Test Sticks - PTS
  • Magnifying Lens - LENS

- Sidekick Video

- Sidekick Manual

The Sidekick sharpener is designed to perform routine maintenance sharpening of scalers and curettes. It is not designed to recondition severely dull instruments. For instruments that are very dull, a professional sharpening service is recommended.