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Innovative Swiss Perio Kit from Hu-Friedy – innovative dental instruments specifically for indications in modern periodontal plastic surgery and peri-implant surgery

February 2017 – With the new Swiss Perio Kit, Hu-Friedy is bringing a complete surgical instrument set on the market that has several innovative features. It was developed together with Dr. Rino Burkhardt, an internationally acknowledged expert for periodontology and implantology with teaching assignments at universities in Zurich and Hong Kong. The Swiss Perio Kit was specifically designed for indications in modern periodontal plastic surgery and peri-implant surgery.

Whether it is hand-held instruments or tweezers, whether scissors or needle holders: the innovative Swiss Perio instruments combine an entire array of advantages in one microsurgical series. Extraordinary material, maximum convenience in application and unsurpassed precision are the decisive features. As a result, the dental specialists Hu-Friedy succeeded in bringing a well thought-out system onto the market that functions according to the modular principle for the most varying fields of application.

A smooth, extremely light handle with a wide diameter not only ensures maximum comfort in application, but also better control and less hand fatigue. The matt finish on the surface and the black working ends are also well thought-out – they reduce light reflection when working, thus ensuring safe and precise handling.

Immunity Steel was selected as the material. The choice of material fell to Immunity Steel. Hu-Friedy attaches great importance to optimal durability and maximum protection against corrosion. The handmade working ends of the cutting hand-held instruments in the new Swiss Perio Kit have a highly refined, black coating which not only guarantees a hard and at the same time smooth finish, but also ensures optimal cutting edge retention. In addition, the Black Line finish enables optimal contrast in all areas of the surgical site, regardless of whether it is soft tissue or bony structures.

“Dentists must deal with different characteristics of oral mucosa – from delicate and thin papillae to coarse palatal and masticatory flap elevations. Only someone who is equipped with the suitable working ends on the instruments can render top performance,” explains Dr. Rino Burkhardt. The University of Zurich expert for periodontology and implantology developed the innovative Swiss Perio Kit together with Hu-Friedy.

How can a controlled dissection of the flap from hard tissue bed be achieved? Is a mobilisation of the flap and transplant edges possible without traumatic effect? How is access to interdental areas simplified? And which key factors are to be noted when achieving the primary wound closure and during the preservation of wound stability? Burkhardt deals intensively with these questions and similar questions from everyday practice.

The result is a well thought-out system that is applied in the new Swiss Perio Kit. The hand-held instruments have sharp as well as blunt working ends with a notch. The extremely flat and simultaneously rigid shape guarantees comfortable, precise work. Whether it is sewing and tightening the knots of the finest suture material or for handling soft tissue: during the surgical procedure they score points due to secure hold with slightest manual force and explicit configuration of working ends. Maximum precision is also the requirement of scissors and needle holders: suitable to the field of application, the design was created in order to not only enable access to particularly difficult sites, but also to ensure simple handling. Burkhardt: “During every movement and every utilisation of equipment, our utmost concern is to reduce tissue trauma and to successfully conclude the procedure to the fullest satisfaction of patients through maximum precision.”

Information about the expert

Dr. Rino Burkhardt is a medical specialist in the field of periodontology certified by the European Federation of Periodontology (EFP). He earned his doctorate at the University of Zurich, Faculty of Medicine and earned his master’s degree (Master of Advanced Studies in Periodontology) at the University of Bern, Faculty of Medicine. Since 1996 he has headed a private clinic in Zurich, which specialised in periodontology and implantology. In addition, he is active as an honorary professor at the University of Hong Kong and has a teaching assignment at the University of Zurich. In addition to the publication of numerous books and articles, he won the EFP research prize. Dr. Rino Burkhardt is an active member of the Swiss Society of Periodontology (SSP), the European Academy of Esthetic Dentistry (EAED), the European Association for Osseointegration (EAO) and an executive board member of the Swiss Society of Oral Implantology (SGI).

Information about the company

The company was founded in 1908 in Chicago. The desire and claim of the Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company was and is to provide dentists with ideal assistance and to further optimise the capabilities of dental specialists by means of ideal instruments. For more than 100 years Hu-Friedy has been a leading global manufacturer of instruments and devices for the dental industry. The company develops and produces high-quality precision hand-held instruments, scalers/curettes and hygiene products. The product range includes more than 10,000 products which are sold worldwide in over 80 countries. The focus is on performance, precision and durability as well as reliability and quality. The globally established company is headquartered in Chicago, with other corporate locations in Germany (Frankfurt and Tuttlingen), Milan, Shanghai and Tokyo.

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